The Hex Girls (Live Action)

I started making this back in November, but only completed it today. Adele wanted to do a live-action version of the "Hex Girl" song from the animated film Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost. She had already got her hands on an instrumental of the track from someone online, but wanted me to record her vocals and then direct and edit a music video.

She had made costumes for the three band members, and we shot it at my band's rehearsal room. As she can't play guitar, keys or drums I had to cut around this, which made it a little challenging, but ultimately I like the result; it's very charming. I used Magic Bullet Looks inside Premiere to give the footage a dark feel with a strong vignette. I also used some stock smoke footage to enhance this. I like the split-screen footage parts; I used Film Impact's roll transition to move in and out of it. Finally, I applied the Red Giant Universe VHS effect to give it a "recorded-at-home, Saturday morning TV" feel.

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