Ring in the Season (Reprise)

I worked with Adele to make a cover of "Ring in the Season (Reprise)" from the Disney short Olaf's Frozen Adventure. At the time, neither of us had seen the short (which for a while ran before Pixar's Coco in North America) because it hadn't been released in the UK. The soundtrack was, however, available on Spotify. The track was only 1:16 long, and featured very minimal arrangement, just some piano and strings, so it didn't take me very long to work out how to play it and program it into Pro Tools. I used mainly Native Instrument sample libraries; The Grandeur on Kontakt was my main piano. After only a few hours, I had created the instrumental, which I sent to Adele via Dropbox.

Adele recorded her vocals on a Blue Yeti USB microphone, and sent me her takes back via Dropbox's File Request feature. She is a good singer, so it didn't take long to create a master comp of the vocal, and I mixed it into the track using iZotope's Nectar 2, amongst other plugins. I mastered it using Ozone 5, and then sent the track to Adele using Dropbox. She added it to the video she had shot in Newcastle, and I assisted slightly with the opening titles.

This was a relatively simple and very fun project to work on; I enjoy working with Adele.

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