Burned Out (Musical Version)

I was back working with Connie this week. She wanted to sing a cover version of Burned Out by her friend Dodie Clark, but make it more dramatic, as if it was from a musical. I started by listening to Dodie's track on YouTube and working out the piano she was playing. Next I started putting together a skeleton version of the track, and at this point got Connie's opinions on how she wanted to track to sound. From her feedback I added strings, bass guitar and drums to create the "musical" feel she was looking for.

Once the guide instrumental was done, I recorded Connie's vocals in my room using my Neumann TLM 102 and Pro Tools. We did 4 takes of each section which I comped into the final vocal. I then recorded Adele's vocals which were the echos in the middle 8, and I recorded myself singing the harmonies. I did a very rough mix, and then focued my attention to the video.

We wanted to do something a little more complex initially, but in the end we decided to keep it simple and to shoot Connie against a white wall. Adele helped by holding up the lyrics on pieces of paper to help Connie's lip-syncing. We only needed to do 2 takes to get it right though; I think Connie knew the lyrics pretty well already.

The video edit was very simple, just cut the start and the end, apply a black and white filter, correct the background a little, and then add titles and the film burn outro. I think went back into Pro Tools and completed the mix, and mastered it using iZotope Ozone.

You can see the final video below, I'm really proud of it (the whole thing was created in just one afternoon/evening), and Dodie commented saying she liked it, which is good!

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