Girly Girl VS. Cool Girl Style

Connie had been approached by KISS ImPRESS Manicure to produce a fun video promoting their press-on nails. She wanted to create two different looks (a girly look and a 'cool girl' look) to illustrate how fast you can switch between different nail styles. We began by talking over the ideas, and we got started by filming Connie preparing her nails and applying the first set. I used both my Canon 5D mk II with a 50mm prime lens and her Canon 70D with a zoom lens and a 60mm macro to film wides and closeups of her nails, all freehand. We then shot her outfit in her room, lighting the scene with two LED lights. The second set of nails was shot in a smilar way, and I was genuinly surprised by how fast she changed between the nails. Finally, we shot a piece to camera using a tripod for the intro, and Connie recorded a voice over using a portable Zoom recorder mounted on one of the light stands.

For the edit, I used Premiere Pro as usual. I first cut together the voice over audio, and used this to position and time the freehand shots, illustrating what she was talking about. Once I had done this, I created the montage sections showing off her outfits. I then cut the intro, using J and L cuts occasionally to make it snappier. Finally, I found some royalty-free music to use, and added titles, transiitons and colour-corrected the footage using Magic Bullet Looks.

I am happy with how this came out, and think it does a good job of illustrating the versaility of the product in an interesting and engaging way to the target audience.

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