Food Diary! Disneyland Top 5

Over the last couple of days I've been editing a video for my friend Connie aka Noodlerella. She visited Disneyland Paris in early January with her housemates, and documented all the food she tried while she was there, and wanted me to cut it into a 10-15 minute vlog. As normal, I used Premiere Pro, keeping the edit relatively simple. She had shot to-camera reviews on location in the various restaurants, so I used this as the core of the video, cutting them together, removing any hesitations and unnessessary dialogue. Once I had that tight, I reviewed the b-roll footage and isolated parts which illustrated what she was talking about and cut into them; shots of the restaurant interiors, exteriors and the food itself.

Once I'd done this, I finished the video by adding a title at the start, some music to fill gaps, and a few transitions from FilmImpact's collection. I delivered the finished rendered video to her via Dropbox, and helped her in making a thumbnail. The whole edit took only a day or so, but was relatively easy thanks mainly to Connie's experience in filming vlogs which she herself has edited in the past. I've known Connie for a few years now, and I'm enjoying working with her on projects as I always know she's going to deliver professional and easy to work with footage.

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